The installation works with abstract transformation. The sculpture translates itself through positive space and does not have a mass. Using any surface to transform into something else, somewhere else, it reaches out to unknown territories towards another space and another time. Read more

From point to point, each string is a direction towards collision, centered somewhere else in another time and in a new dimension. Each string contains different amounts of energy that interact with and investigate the black mass. Black cubes interact with the sculpture, with black space adding definition to the laser light. Each red laser line works with itself, interpreting an individual point in time and individual point in space. The sculpture reveals the connection of black mass and the atom.

The sculpture appears as a holographic laser sculpture, plays with the definition of matter in the space it is in and reveals the interaction between laser beam and atom. As hollow as the atom and as yet undefinable as black matter, the sculpture's equation remains an abstract definition of space. By means of levitation, an expression and experience that breaks the rule of gravity within the room, the sculpture is captured at zero gravity.